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Aftab Ahmad

CPRT Chairman

"....CPRT is not charitable work but a national and global duty because children are the future of this world...."

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Child Protection and Rehabilitation Trust- CPRT Project

Child Protection Project is a dream to rehabilitate garbage collecting children in the streets of Pakistan to normal childhood through Child Protection Centres (CPCs). This is a novel idea of exposing these children to the environment of a normal child of the middle class of the society, no matter how briefly but it should be regularly, while they are cared for in the CPCs on daily basis. We aim to replicate this programme in the other major cities of Pakistan inshaAllah and be a model for others to follow. May Allah be our Helper. Amin!
Child Protection and Rehabilitation Trust- CPRT Project
Child Protection and Rehabilitation Trust- CPRT Project1 week ago
Wow, another exciting milestone achieved. The CPRT team have been hard at work over the last 6 months and today we have finally launched our new website.

Please feel free to visit cprt.org.uk to see the new site


We need 1000 people just £10 a month
  We are hoping to get at least 1000 people from across the world to donate a minimum of £10.00
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CPRT Summary and Background
  Background 2 million children in Pakistan are on the streets and more than 25 million children are out of
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Museeb a rising star for CPRT
Child Protection and Rehabilitation Trust video report showcasing one of our rising stars Museeb, who presents a heart felt national
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