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CPRT Summary and Background



2 million children in Pakistan are on the streets and more than 25 million children are
out of school (UNICEF/UNESCO report 2015). These children are exposed to abuse,
violence, child labour, begging and forced into a life of crime. They have been
robbed of their childhood and their ability to dream has been taken away from them.

Most charities and the government are focused on opening schools for these
children but there are no government or charity programs aimed at getting these
children to school. The biggest problem is attracting these children to main stream
education as we know children don’t necessarily like to study (experience from our
own children).

Our aristocracy, middle class as well as our working class has lost direction. We
believe our future leaders will come from these children. We need to take these
children off the streets and teach them integrity, honesty, justice and equip them with
leadership, communication and team working skills.

We believe nation building in Pakistan has to start bottom up

Child Protection and Rehabilitation Trust (CPRT)

Child Protection and Rehabilitation Trust (CPRT) is a unique and only program in
Pakistan (UK based and registered with UK Charity commission, 1160070 as well as
being registered as Child Care and Rehabilitation Society (CCRS) charity, Reg.16-
1854 in Pakistan) that is successfully inspiring children to enter main stream
schooling for more than 4 years. We believe all children, like our own families,
deserve a happy fun filled life and childhood.
We have been working since 2012 and after a successful start in Peshawar centres
we registered as a UK based charity in January 2015. We then got registered as a
charity in Pakistan in 2016. We are probably the only child focussed organisation in
Pakistan with centres across all 4 provinces.

Our Aims, Approach & Strategy

Our aims and approach are simple.
 We want to give these children their childhood back and let them enjoy these
years like our children do.
 We want them to dream again, and dream big, like we want for our children.

 We want to help them achieve their dreams like we do for our own children.
 We want to take our children off the streets and into mainstream education,
vocational training or whatever the child is good at.
 Our objective is to identify their true potential and help them achieve their full
 Our aim is to develop future honest leaders from within these children to help
re-build our nation.
Our strategy is:
 To identify deprived areas in cities across Pakistan where children are forced
to work on garbage dumps, streets and shops.
 Following the survey and consent from the parents:

o We bring these children to a safe environment in our centres that are
filled with toys, games, fun activities and sports.
o Built within the fun and games is basic education including maths,
science, languages again packed with fun.
o We teach them respect, team work, communication skills, cleanliness,
honesty and other fundamental characteristics while they are having
o We take them to museums, libraries, archaeological sites, picnics,
pleasure parks, 5-star restaurants, fast food places, schools and
universities to give them a taste of life they have not seen or
o We provide them bags, uniforms, shoes, books, stationary, sweaters
and other basic luxuries that we take for granted.
o We bring in professionals like doctors, lawyers, business people,
engineers, IT, army/police officers and others to share their
experiences and encourage them to think about a future they had no
idea about.
o We provide them with snacks and meals every day in the centre.
o We make their stay in the centre so much fun that they don't want to go
back on the streets and want to stay with us while we prepare them for
mainstream education.
o Once they start wanting to achieve a life off the streets and are ready
we enrol them into main stream education and follow their progress.
o They continue to attend our centres while in school which helps us
continue with their development.

 Our Achievements so far

Over the last 4 years we have opened 12 centres with 3 centres in Peshawar, 3
centres in Lahore, a centre in Multan, 1 in Sialkot, one in Dir, one in Mardan, 1 in
Karachi and another in Quetta with more than 600 children already inspired and
enjoying being a child again. More than 1/3rd of these children have already joined
either private or government schools and have been taking the top positions in their
respective classes proving that these are intelligent children who just need a chance
to show their capabilities.

More importantly, over the last 4 years these children have transformed beyond
recognition in terms of their outlook to life and their mind set towards education.
Even more interesting is the response of their parents who have urged us to send
them to school, a concept they never entertained before starting in CPRT program.

Our children are transformed and unrecognisable. Please observe their
transformation on http://www.childprotectionandrehabilitationtrust.org.uk/video.html.

We follow up all our children and help them fulfil their potential. They have already
become orators and have the confidence to give public speeches and in front of the
media. They were brilliant in front of the Pakistan media when Reham Khan attended
our National event in Lahore and our children show cased their talent in front of
everyone. That requires confidence and courage. They have it in bundles.
Not only have our children entered education and changed their outlook towards life
they have also started to work for and help other important causes. This we think is
even more important than just getting education. They have started to understand
the importance of giving back to society and are doing so.

Following its success the program is spreading rapidly. Surveys are taking place in
Gujrat and Gujranwala and if we have the funding then many more centres across
the country as we are being approached by other cities to help their children as well.

We are transparent with a mission and we have already made a difference. We have
made it a national project and have involved the people of Pakistan as well as
Pakistanis across the world.
Our patronss are spread across all continents from Europe, USA, Canada, Middle
East and Australia.

Leadership Academy
Our ultimate aim is to develop future honest leaders for Pakistan and nurture the raw
intelligence from within these children in a national leadership academy. To this end
we have now become a partner with Al-kHidmat Pakistan in a multi-million academy
project already being constructed on main Murree-Islamabad road for 750 children.
We would be enrolling 50 of our children into this academy with a purpose built
leadership curriculum for our children within this academy.
The academy is planned to start by the end of next year in 2018.

Our Partners and patrons
We are fortunate to have a dedicated group of patrons from across the world, who
have been donating a fixed monthly payment for a number of years.

In addition, we have 2 internationally recognised organisations, Islamic Society of
Statistical sciences (http://www.isoss.net/) and Al-Khidmat Pakistan (http://al-
khidmatfoundation.org/) working with us to help our children.
Our partner, Islamic Society of Statistical Sciences, are educationists, Professors,
scientists and teachers with international reputations, who better to have around
these children and to inspire them. They are a registered non-profitable society in
Pakistan. They provide us supervisory support as well advice on education
techniques. In addition, they have sponsored one of the Lahore centres for our
children in the form of a class room, class room furniture and free electricity and
water along with free administration support.
Our other partner, Al-Khidmat Pakistan, is a national non-government charity
organisation and is registered as a NGO in Pakistan. They provide us man power for
surveying the areas and identifying children and families in need of our help. They
help us with getting the children to the class room. They also help us find appropriate
centres in cities across the country and to recruit teachers. They provide us with
regular reports of the progress of the children and centres. We have a MOU with
them on all aspects of our aims and objectives and meet with on a regular basis.
More recently, we have a verbal agreement and partnership with Financial
Assistance for Medical Students (FAMS) UK that any of our children reach medical
school will be fully sponsored by FAMS.

Prof. Aftab Ahmad
BSc MBBS FRCP (UK) MD (UK) PG Cert (Teaching) PG Cert (Management and
Chairman, CPRT.
Consultant Physician in Diabetes & Endocrinology and General Internal Medicine,
National Strategic Clinical Network Lead for Diabetes, NHS England,
Advancing Quality Alliance Diabetes Lead for North West,
Clinical Sub-Dean and Honorary Senior lecturer for Liverpool University,
Department of Diabetes & Endocrinology,
Link 7-C
The Royal Liverpool University Hospital,
Prescot Street,
Liverpool, UK, L7 8XP.
Home: 00441513423870.
Mobile: 00447734259349.